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UK calls for 30% Ocean Protection


BREAKING NEWS The UK Government has taken an historic stand for ocean conservation. At the UN General Assembly in New York, the UK Government will call on all nations to contribute towards a global ...

24 Sep 2018
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Goodwin Sands – A Matter of Respect

White Cliffs of Dover from Goodwins

Swimming for hours each day in the middle of the open ocean gives you a lot of time to think. During July and August this year, I swam the length of the English Channel, ...

20 Sep 2018
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22 Tips for a Successful Channel Swim


Want to swim the English Channel? Here are my 22 tips for a successful crossing: 1. Find the best coach in town. Make sure he / she suits your personality and most importantly, believes ...

22 Jun 2018
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The Ocean Awards 2018


Wonderful news! Yesterday the 2018 Ocean Awards were announced. I am honoured to have won “Campaign of the Year” for the successful establishment of the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area in Antarctica. Three keys ...

10 May 2018
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Protecting the South Sandwich Islands


Is there no place in the world that is sacrosanct? No wilderness we can leave alone? No place we can fully protect for nature’s sake? Last month I was invited to address UK MPs ...

8 May 2018
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Join Our Crew – Campaign Writer


Summer 2018 Campaign Writer Dates: 02 July – 31 Aug 2018 Competitive salary The Lewis Pugh Foundation is looking for a hardworking writer to manage media content on board a yacht during a high-profile ...

26 Apr 2018
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Slava Fetisov to become UN Patron for Polar Regions


I’ve just made a whistle-stop trip to Russia to celebrate the birthday of a very dear friend of mine. Slava Fetisov needs no introduction to Russians, or to anyone who follows international ice hockey. ...

22 Apr 2018
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Media invite to historic Antarctic expedition


The last time Lewis Pugh went for a dip, the air was negative 37°C (35 F), so cold that the spray from the Antarctic ocean froze when it hit his support boat. He then ...

21 Sep 2017
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Where is Our Great Escape?


I recently visited the Norwegian Arctic, something that always brings great joy to my heart. But this time, I returned very disturbed. I am trying to make sense of a great contradiction. And I ...

6 Sep 2017
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Which Was My Toughest Swim?


When people ask me to name my toughest swim, they expect me to say the North Pole. That’s definitely up there, but I’ve had others that were just as challenging, for very different reasons. ...

4 Sep 2017
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