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Sponsoring the Killing of Sharks

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Driving into the lovely seaside village of Cape May, New Jersey, I was stuck by two conflicting images. On one side of the marina was a sign welcoming visitors to this proud tourist destination, ...

9 Jul 2017
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Appointment as Adjunct Professor in International Law

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I am honoured to have been appointed an Adjunct Professor in International Law at the University of Cape Town today. I was always a pulled by the world’s waters. As a young boy I ...

15 May 2017
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Sunday Times Alternative Rich List


This weekend The Sunday Times published an Alternative Rich List in conjunction with the annual Sunday Times Rich List. It’s a list that acknowledges “wealth” beyond material wealth. I am very grateful to be ...

8 May 2017
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In from the Cold: My Tribute to Ahmed Kathrada


What do you say about a man who gave his whole life to a struggle? I’ll never forget standing with Ahmed Kathrada in his Robben Island cell two years ago. The thing that struck ...

28 Mar 2017
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All We Need Is Love


Neko Bay, Antarctica 64°50′ South 62°35′ West Love was in the air today. It was another breathtaking still day as we arrived in Neko Bay, so the team decided on a practice swim and ...

16 Dec 2016
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Bellingshausen Sea, 63°S 59°W


Air temperature 4°C / 39°F, Water temperature 0°C / 32°F Duration of swim: 17 minutes 30 seconds There is an Inuit parable that tells of two wolves that battle inside each of us. One ...

13 Dec 2016
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Cape Horn, 56°South


Yesterday I wrote about failure. Today we experienced it. And yes, there were lessons learned. Lesson one: avoid multiple mission objectives. That’s not always easy, when you find yourself in a spectacular part of ...

11 Dec 2016
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Speedo diplomacy – the lost art of negotiating


Endurance swimmer and Ocean Advocate Lewis Pugh has been called the “Human Polar Bear” and a “Speedo Diplomat”. He puts his body on the line to bring his message home, performing long-distance swims in ...

19 Nov 2016
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Sometimes ‘Crazy’ Gets the Job Done


Two years ago when I launched a campaign to protect the Ross Sea in Antarctica, the Daily Telegraph called me crazy. “Pugh is like a detective that has been given 24 hours before he ...

28 Oct 2016
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Environmental Glasnost: More than Pretty Words


It took me 50 hours to get from my home in Cape Town, at the tip of Africa, to Lake Baikal on the eastern edge of Siberia. That might not seem much to Russians, ...

3 Oct 2016
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