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Having partners with purpose makes all the difference

Lewis and Tony

In my last update I spoke about the incredible team behind the Seven Swims in the Seven Seas for 1 Reason expedition. This time I want to talk about the people behind the team. ...

18 Aug 2014
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Look what’s arrived in the post…


My certificate of induction into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame! Thank you to the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame for this great honour. I wish I could have been there to ...

18 Nov 2013
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Heritage or Sacrilege? Our day of sunshine, sausages and shame.


How can you love something you’ve never seen? If you don’t have a personal connection with something, why would you ever go out of your way to protect it, preserve it, pass it on ...

6 Oct 2013
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Sometimes losing is the best thing that can happen


They say that quitters never win and winners never quit. That might be true, but sometimes losing is the best thing that can happen to a competitor. Just ask Andy Murray. Last year at ...

17 Jul 2013
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If you don’t have hope, you can’t have dreams

Cape Peninsula

I was recently asked to write a feature for Country Life on my favourite spot in Africa, and the reason why. I chose the Cape of Good Hope. This is what I wrote: There ...

10 Jun 2013
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My thanks to the oceans, and the people they have brought me to.

Oceans are a bit like people. Every ocean is different, and to me they have distinct personalities. The Arctic is the black ocean – literally like an inkpot. You put your arm in and ...

18 Dec 2012
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