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Join Our Crew – Campaign Writer

26 April 2018
By: Lewis Pugh
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  1. Beatriz Fernandez
    April 29, 2018 at 7:15 pm

    To the Lewis Pugh Foundation,

    My name is Beatriz Fernandez and I’m currently working at UNEP in Paris, France. I am passionate about the oceans and advocating for the environment. I came across this very interesting opportunity, which I understand would suit somebody with professional writing skills. Although I am quite experienced in developing writing materials for the dissemination of the projects I work on at UNEP, and social media savvy, my background is not specialized on that.

    However, I am very interested in the campaign you will be taking on in the following months; and I would like to express my interest in joining your team to provide support I can provide during this exciting environmental campaign. I will available during June until August, and I would be very grateful for an opportunity to support even if a salary is not provided.

    Thank you for considering me, and I look forward to discussing with you potential opportunities where I can contribute in this campaign.

    Kind regards,


  2. Anita Tozzi
    April 30, 2018 at 11:02 am

    Dear Lewis,
    I am very interested in your vacancy for a Campaign Writer for Summer 2018. As a passionate writer and environmentalist I have over 15 years’ experience working as a professional language trainer, writer and educationalist for many different clients, most recently renewable energy companies. All of my spare time is devoted to raising awareness on social media about the threat of global warming and the plight of plastic in our oceans. As I keen swimmer, I have also recently visited the Maldives where I saw with my own eyes how these beautiful islands are being affected by climate change and how the coral reef supporting these islands has been destroyed. As a campaigner for clean energy, I am also connected with many leading figures in environmental protection in UK and internationally. As a linguist, I can speak and understand 5 languages including French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German. My international experience has also included working in Italy and Germany where I worked with and supported engineers involved in developing renewable energy projects. As a person, I am motivated, an excellent communicator and absolutely committed to protecting the environment at all costs. As President Macron recently stated in his address to Congress “We don’t have a Planet B” so in my mind it is absolutely vital to do all we can to protect this one. I would be inspired and excited to work with your team this summer in order to raise awareness for the Campaign. My mission is to protect our planet for future generations and ensure a sustainable future for all. “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our grandchildren. ” (American Indian proverb). I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you soon. Best regards, Anita

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Summer 2018 Campaign Writer

Dates: 02 July – 31 Aug 2018
Competitive salary

The Lewis Pugh Foundation is looking for a hardworking writer to manage media content on board a yacht during a high-profile environmental campaign along the coast of England this summer.

The campaign will highlight ocean issues, and in particular the need for the establishment/expansion of Marine Reserves, both in UK waters and globally.

The candidate will work closely with our Chief Writer and Head of Media Communications to draft daily content for the campaign (FB, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram), file short pieces for our related websites, and field written responses to Q&A style queries from journalists.

In addition to great writing skills and social media savvy, the applicant should have a keen understanding of UK politics and current affairs. We are looking for someone who can compose a compelling tweet on the fly, and place it within a greater driven narrative/story.

The successful applicant will be working alongside a close knit team on board a yacht and will need to have a bright, happy and cheerful disposition.

In addition to their specific responsibilities, the candidate will be required to help ‘muck in’ with everyday duties on board. (Sailing and swimming experience not required).

Hours will be irregular, frequent, if not 24/7, and working conditions may be difficult, verging on tough.

This is an opportunity to be part of a major campaign that will be closely followed by politicians, the media and the public. Help us push the ocean protection agenda so that politicians prioritize our seas.

Kindly send short biography to before 6 May.