Greenland to Glasgow

On September 7 Lewis became the first person to complete a multi-day swim in the Polar Regions, when he swam across the Ilulissat Icefjord, fed by the world’s fastest moving glacier, in Greenland.

Lewis attended the UN Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. He used the story of his swim to impress upon world leaders the speed of the Climate Crisis, to ask them to move beyond long-term commitments toward urgent action, today.

No one will escape Climate Change. It will affect every creature on this planet, great or small.

Justice is a universal concept

Lewis Pugh’s address to the UN on World Ocean’s Day, 8 June 2021.

I could be speaking to a banker on Wall Street, a farmer in India, or a child in Sydney. We all understand what justice is. And when we see injustice, it burns inside us.

Ladies and gentleman, I am an endurance swimmer and a maritime lawyer. I believe there are 3 reasons why we should protect at least 30% of the world’s oceans: and they are JUSTICE, JUSTICE and JUSTICE.

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What action can you take today to save our oceans?

On this World Oceans day, Lewis Pugh took a dip with some Cape Fur Seals off the tip of Africa near Cape Town.

During his swim, the UN Patron of the Oceans asks us to consider our impact on oceans and what we can do to make a positive difference to save our seas.

Marine Protected Areas offer Hope

The Lewis Pugh Foundation was formed to preserve our oceans for a peaceful and sustainable future.

To date the Foundation has been instrumental in securing full protection for over 2 million km2 of vulnerable ocean.

Its goal is to ensure that 30% of our oceans are properly protected by 2030.

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You won’t find a more captivating storyteller.

As an ocean advocate and a pioneer swimmer, Lewis applies his hard-learned lessons to the corporate environment.

He shares the visualisation strategies, radical tactical shifts,  teamwork and focus that enabled him to achieve seemingly impossible tasks.

Most importantly he inspires people to dig deep, define their goals and achieve their own ‘impossible’.

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