The Great Penguin Rescue

In June 2000 the MV ‘Treasure’ sank off Cape Town, spilling 400 tons of bunker oil, imperilling an entire population of African penguins. The response effort, led by South African non-profit SANCCOB was the largest animal rescue in history. 

This week I’m handing over my social media pages to SANCCOB, to help them tell their story, and those of the 45 000 volunteers who showed up to clean, feed and relocate these penguins, saving a crucial breeding colony for this endangered bird.

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Marine Protected Areas offer Hope

The Lewis Pugh Foundation was formed to preserve our oceans for a peaceful and sustainable future.

To date the Foundation has been instrumental in securing full protection for over 2 million km2 of vulnerable ocean.

Its goal is to ensure that 30% of our oceans are properly protected by 2030.

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You won’t find a more captivating storyteller.

As an ocean advocate and a pioneer swimmer, Lewis applies his hard-learned lessons to the corporate environment.

He shares the visualisation strategies, radical tactical shifts,  teamwork and focus that enabled him to achieve seemingly impossible tasks.

Most importantly he inspires people to dig deep, define their goals and achieve their own ‘impossible’.

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Southern Ocean




In Action

Spin the Globe

Explore the world and see where Lewis has swum. Click on any pin to find out more about that particular swim.

Wonderful to see @SANCCOB’s work across my feed last week. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the amazing work you do. 🐧 💙

Cape Town 🇿🇦 just celebrated anniversary of the largest animal rescue in history. Now it’s time for new efforts to protect one of the worlds most amazing animals! Each penguin is precious🐧

Thanks for fantastic work @LewisPugh !

You can help ensure that these endangered seabirds don’t go extinct.

Please support by adopting a penguin

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